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IV BRAVES Sublimated Shirts

IV BRAVES Sublimated Shirts

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Hey Braves Fans!!! Check out these awesome sublimation shirts!!!

A little explanation on sublimation... It is printed on paper with a special ink, then heat pressed. The heat turns the ink into a gas, then when it cools it solidifies into the shirt! Pretty cool, right? Why use sublimation... no vinyl on the shirt that can peel later, it's super soft on the shirt, can do colorful designs(even pictures) and totally customizable!! Some limitations, must be on a certain kind of shirt, shirt color must be light to absorb ink, no white in designs will show, designs are "tinted" by the color of the shirt, so not all designs come out as vibrant as they show on the computer. I hope this helps you understand sublimation and how it will come out on your shirt!!! 

Here are some options available right now, if you want something more customized, e-mail and we can start a design process!! 

All shirts are uni-sex and true to size. They are super soft!!! If you are local and want to see a sample, just ask! 

Shirts are order upon purchase. Please allow for 2 weeks until delivery. If you need a rush order, e-mail for availability before purchase. 

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